Granger Berry

Digital Artist


I'm Granger (GB) and I'm a creative demon! I've got an insatiable hunger for learning and growth, driven by a practical mindset and a thirst for results.

I have an extensive background in TV, Digital, and Outdoor Marketing. Combined with my love for character design, 3D animation and motion graphics means I have a powerful skillset to tackle almost any problem and to lead my team to something beyond awesome. If I can't solve it yet? Let's learn something new!

Video Editing

Over 7 years experience of motion graphics, animation, video editing and TV production. I've worked with a range of clients to produce content for just about anything that runs video, like TV ads, animated billboards, social media content and training videos.

Including working with companies like BMW, Ultratune, Pointsbet and Superdry.

My favoured tools of work include the Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, and Audition.

3D Assets & Animation

3D modelling, texturing and animation is a powerful part of my arsenal. Allowing me to create optimised assets for game projects under Unity and Unreal engine, stunning HD product display models and assistance for concept art and character sheets.

My favoured tools include Blender, Autodesk Maya and Unity.

Character Design

A passionate character designer since 2010, and constantly improving my skills ever since.

Designing characters and clothing that not only look awesome, but also account for practical elements, materials, and context. These concepts are quickly iterated and refined while keeping in mind the production pipeline for both 3D assets and animation.

Check out my character gallery for some of my favorite works! (And some fan art!)

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